A broken cable, a spark during welding work, a forgotten cooker in the kitchen or an insufficiently trained truck driver on the company premises – how quickly a small cause can trigger a disaster? We support you with preventive fire protection, with legally binding instructions for truck drivers, with the correct design and signs for escape routes and anywhere else where dangers can be ruled out or reduced preventively. These include above all occupational safety, health and environmental protection.



  • Risk analyses, preparing/optimising/implementing fire protection concepts in cooperation with fire brigades and authorities, setting up a medical or rescue service, preparing alarm and emergency plans, inspecting workplaces and electrical equipment for ignition hazards, checking the storage of flammable goods.
  • Occupational safety and health inspections and checking whether legal requirements are being complied with.
  • In addition, we provide safety coaches to support and relieve your own employees of tasks related to occupational safety, health and environmental protection, as well as mobile surveillance teams to monitor speed limits or the ban on alcohol.
  • Delivery, implementation and operation of systems for the legally compliant instruction of trucks and other suppliers.
Trained permanent employees
Extensive experience - certified processes
24-Hour hotline 365 days per year
Targeted protection, tailored to your needs